Technical Support

HorizonSat offers complete turnkey services to private and government entities, right from network design, satellite capacity procurement, hardware selection, installation, commissioning & training. We provide complete end-to-end solution that addresses all satellite communication needs for a data or broadcasting network.

HorizonSat combines a broad range of technical expertise with an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction when deploying a complete turnkey project.

HorizonSat NOC is strategically located in Dubai and is backed up by Horizon Teleports NOC in Munich ensuring uninterrupted transmission and high level of technical support on a 24x7. HorizonSat NOC is staffed by certified Engineers and uses latest technology to proactively monitor the networks.

The NOC is responsible for carrier monitoring, remote equipment configuration and troubleshooting in addition to assisting customers in their technical queries. The NOC’s staff includes personnel with expertise in satellite, video and IP technologies.

Our NOC engineers watch over your network from both a technology and human perspective, providing redundant monitoring to ensure that any anomalies are detected immediately. We monitor your systems at multiple levels to ensure that Service Level Agreements are being met.

HorizonSat uses its in-house designed Network Monitoring system (NMS) to monitor networks. The NMS combines the monitoring for the network, applications and end-user equipment under a unified dashboard where one can quickly and efficiently diagnose and assess the impact of complex performance related hurdles regardless of where they originate from, in order to avoid costly service degradation.

HorizonSat also utilizes MRTGs to monitor all types of IP circuits, including unicast and multicast circuits. These tools are used to monitor bandwidth usage on each circuit. The MRTG system helps customers stay informed about circuit utilization (over utilized and/or underutilized circuits) and can also monitor specific types of traffic to analyze traffic composition per circuit. Customers can view historical graphs for their respective circuits in days, weeks, months and years in order to depict how bandwidth utilization trends change over time.