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Our Solutions

Backbone connectivity & IP Trunking

Telco’s and ISPs can be offered direct end-to-end Internet backbone access via satellite with any data rate in locations where terrestrial infrastructure is limited.

Managed Broadband Solutions

HorizonSat delivers broadband Internet and communication solutions to Telco’s, governments and large institutions. We deliver this through HorizonSat's VNO/CNO services, which enable customers to manage networks through our latest hub-based solutions in a customized manner.

Private Corporate Networks

HorizonSat provides satellite capacity & integrated end-to-end network solutions through Point-to-Multipoint or Point-to-Point connectivity between various locations, thus facilitating businesses to conduct their day-to day transactions successfully and efficiently.

Mobility, Offshore & Maritime Solutions

HorizonSat provides offshore and maritime solutions that cater to demands for higher data throughputs to support bandwidth-intensive services such as video conferencing, Internet, VoIP and media streaming delivered on board ships, vessels, trains and offshore platforms.

GSM Backhauling

HorizonSat’s GSM backhaul solutions help Telco operators to expand their cellular network coverage to address the ever increasing communication needs for mobile applications especially in rural areas.

Disaster Recovery

HorizonSat provides complete disaster recovery solutions for client’s existing network to reduce any potential loss of revenue due to natural disasters & changing weather conditions.

TV Distribution & Contribution

HorizonSat offers different satellite solutions intended for TV Distribution and Contribution to broadcasters to ensure smooth transmission.

Turnkey Services

HorizonSat offers complete turnkey services to private and government entities, right from network design, satellite capacity procurement, hardware selection, installation, commissioning & training.

Satellite communications solution with latest technology

Network Solutions for Corporate and Governmental clients

24/7 NOC Support and Monitoring

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